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Beginning to invest? Here are 5 places to start

As a beginner investor (and by the way, these 5 investments don’t really change no matter how successful an investor you are), the big question is, “How do I get started?”

Here are five places to begin, and continue, your investing journey.


You will never see a better annual return than the one you can provide yourself. There’s no stock or fund or property or any other asset that will grow as fast as you are capable of.

My recommendation, invest in your personal growth in these four areas: Faith, Relationships, Health, and Work. Personal growth in these areas will outpace any historical stock market or real estate performance.

Buy online trainings that you know will directly benefit your career. Spend extra money on high quality foods, and prioritize fitness and sleep. Attend seminars and masterminds. Surround yourself with successful people who you can learn from and will push you…which leads me to my next best investment.


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know….seriously. There are VERY few opportunities in life that you can achieve on merit alone. Don’t get me wrong, you need talent and ability, but almost every time you get an opportunity, it’s because of who you know, or who knows you, not what you know.

I wrote about it when I read Warren Buffet’s letter to his shareholders in 2018. Multi-million dollar deals get done on handshakes. Hiring gets done because of relationships. People’s careers are propelled because of who they know.

You need to invest money and time in your relationships, and be careful who you’re spending it with. Having meaningful relationships with the right people can literally catapult you to places you’d never get to on your own.

Remember this, nobody is successful alone!

A goal that isn’t about you

If you’re struggling to put money aside for the future version of you, I get it. It’s human nature. In behavioral economics it’s referred to as “present bias.” We overweight the value of something today versus the value of something in the future.

For example, imagine you love chocolate. If I gave you the choice between one of your favorite chocolates right now or two of them in three months, which would you pick? Probably one right now, even though I’m literally doubling my offer in three months.

The same is true when trying to save money for the future “you.” You’d rather spend today than save for tomorrow, even though your dollar today will multiply over time.

So don’t try to save for yourself. Instead, tie your future savings to someone or something else, a goal that is bigger than you.

Consider my committed investment to personal health. I have five children, and my family has a history of heart problems. I can look at my future health two ways:

“I need to eat healthy and exercise so I will feel good and keep my heart strong when I’m older,”


“If I don’t eat the right food and commit to training as hard as I can today, I may not be alive to walk my daughters down the aisle or witness the birth of my grandchildren.”

Which is more powerful?

Invest your money similarly and watch how committed you’ll be to investing for the future.


We are blessed to live in the most powerful economy in the world. It pains me to say it because I’m not a fan of index funds, but if you’re just starting out and have no clue where to begin, invest in the S&P 500 index.

I’m not a fan of index funds because I’m wired to pursue excellence, and investing in an index is literally accepting the average of the market, but know what? The average of the market will treat you really well over time.


The American economy is as powerful as it is because we are given the freedom and right to start a company and grow it and profit from it. And the stock market allows us to invest in those companies and reap the benefits of growth.

I’m beginning investment accounts for my children using individual companies, not funds, so they can enjoy the same benefits that have made America the most powerful country in the world.

Invest in a company. Become a co-owner in a business (that’s what owning shares in a company means, after all). Grow with the company.

Make money and do good with it. It’s a solid life-mantra, and a solid investment approach.

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