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You are building a legacy. We invest your money accordingly.

Focus your investments. Grow your money. Change lives.

What will your legacy be?

  • Do you believe there is more to life than making money?

  • Are you confused by the investing industry?

  • Are you tired of trying to manage your own investments?

Be the leader who uses money to make a difference

Focus your investments

Grow your money

Change lives

Your million dollar guide that will change your relationship with money forever  

Our top holding has earned nearly 600% to date for our clients. 

Want to learn the strategy we use that has made our clients millions of dollars? This book explains it all, and I'll send it to you for free.



You've been sold the dream by other financial advisors already.

Are we really any different?

In an industry trending toward passive investments, low fees, and complex investment products, we walk a different path. We actively manage your money - we literally look at your investments every single day. We trade every six weeks as necessary. We don't use products. It's on us if you make or lose money. We don't pass on that responsibility to random fund managers. You're paying for that level of attention, and it's only right to get what you pay for.

We believe in simplicity with a laser-focused, disciplined approach. We buy 15-25 stocks for you. No mutual funds. No index funds. No bonds. Our strategy is simple, but not simplistic. Our clients know exactly why they own the companies they do, why we sell on their behalf, and why we reinvest the proceeds in the companies we do.


It's your hard earned money - you deserve to know exactly what is happening with it.

How do we compare?

Truthfully, we could care less about past performance because it has no bearing on how your money performs in the future, but we can't expect you to believe our word alone. See how we compare to your current investments.

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